This year’s chosen theme, Te Moana Nui.

The vision for TWL22 is for students of all ages to participate in and engage with art at a community level, with a strong focus on education around our chosen theme, Te Moana Nui.

This year’s program featured Takapuna Primary School and Campbell’s Bay Early Learning Centre.

In 2022 we looked at marine species found in/ near the waters of Aotearoa. Students will create and illustrate pictures of sea life, which will then be scanned and transformed into ananimated projection.

Learning will be in three parts: sea life, art and Te Reo, bringing together science, art and language.

‘Te Moana Nui’ which means ‘The Great Ocean’ in Te Reo Māori, showcases magical worlds beneath the sea, filled with colorful whirlpools and sea creatures.

The music for Te Moana Nui is composed by Mark Johnson, while the ever-transforming, magical realm of the sea was created by Daniel Brown, Professor of Design Studio, Victoria University Of Wellington.